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Leslie Briggs

Excerpts from the Introduction to the in the Legacy of Leslie Briggs

From the attendee lists of the original Michael group, we know that in 1974, Leslie Briggs’ mother (Louise) first attended the original group on March 27, 1974. Leslie’s father (Allyn) first attended on July 17, 1974. Leslie herself first attended September 24, 1974. 

Seeing what Sarah could do with the Ouija Board, Leslie promptly bought one of her own.  We have a session from November 3, 1974.  Thus began a channeling career that lasted about ten years.

From interviews with Leslie’s mother, Louse Briggs, we have learned some of the story about the channeling sessions that Leslie Briggs held from 1974 to 1983.

The large original Michael group meetings were discontinued just a few months after Leslie began to attend, some time in the first half of 1975.  Sarah Chambers continued channeling for a core group of friends for several more years.  Leslie continued channeling until her parents temporarily moved out of the Bay Area in about 1976.  We only have a few sessions from that first year.

Leslie ceased channeling for a few years in the late 1970s, until her parents returned to the Bay Area and persuaded Leslie to resume channeling.  The session dated February 8, 1980 is the earliest of the resumed sessions that we acquired from Leslie’s mother.  Leslie held regular meetings up until at least 1983.  Then her parents again moved out of the Bay Area in 1984 and the regular meetings ceased.  Leslie died in 2007.  Her mother is still living as of 2014 and she has agreed to release of the transcriptions of Leslie’s channeling into the Public Domain.

As noted above, Leslie started out using the Ouija board for channeling, just as was done in the original Michael.  We were told that she soon came to prefer spoken channeling.  Some of the sessions given to us were handwritten, some were typewritten and some have both versions.

Louise tells us that, at first, she tried to write the channeling down as it was happening.  She quickly gave up on that because she could not keep up, so she started tape recording the sessions.  Then she would transcribe the session with handwriting and then typed them in some cases. 

In the transcriptions of the Briggs sessions, Michael’s name was rarely used; they referred to them as the “Teacher.”  

JP Van Hulle began attending the Briggs sessions starting in late 1981 and she continued some of the Briggs/Michael concepts in her lineage.  On the other hand, some of the concepts found in the Briggs sessions did not survive into the JP/Michael Education Foundation lineage.  

By the way, Leslie Briggs is neither the male nor the female “Leslie” identified as channels in Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s books.


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