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JP Van Hulle

From the Introduction to the in the Legacy of JP Van Hulle books: 

by Phil Wittmeyer

Michael student Ed Hamerstrom interviewed JP and asked JP about how she got started.  She said it was when she was a freshman in college at the University of California in Berkeley in the autumn of 1971.  She found herself doing lots of psychic readings for others in her dorm.  Her mother and grandmother were psychics and it ran in the family from way back.  Eventually, she had to back off the volume somewhat because too many people wanted it.† She said that she was getting Overleaf information for people, but she didnít have any overview of the system at all. 

She knew which Overleaves were opposites of which other ones, but didnít have the concept of the chart relating them all to each other.  She had no idea who the source was and she didnít ask questions about the system other than to get information for people.  She continued doing readings for people to some degree. 

By the mid and late 1970s, JP was married, had little children and a busy life.  Then in 1979, her mother, Joy Perasso, discovered the newly published Messages from Michael book written by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and they realized it was the same source.  From this point, the story picks up in a published magazine article in The Michael Connection magazine, which was published by the Michael Education Foundation (MEF) founded in 1984.  The magazine was published from April 1985 to January 1990 for twenty four issues.

JP's websites:

JP Van Hulle's books:

  • Body Types and How to Treat Them.  JP Van Hulle.  E-book
  • Michael: The Basic Teachings. Aaron Christeaan, JP Van Hulle, M.C. Clark. The Guided Crystal; December 1988.  ISBN-13: 978-0942663013
  • Michael on Centers.  JP Van Hulle.  E-book
  • Michael's Gemstone Dictionary: Metaphysical Properties of Gems and Minerals. Judithann David, JP Van Hulle.  Affinity Press; June 1990. ISBN-13: 978-0942663051
  • Michael's Gemstone Dictionary: Metaphysical Properties of Gems and Minerals. Updated e-book edition (4 parts).
  • The Personality Puzzle: Solving the Mystery of Who You Are. Josť Stevens, JP Van Hulle.  Progress Press, December 1990. ISBN-13: 978-0942663068

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